Skater Today Runs any .NET framework

Compatible with any .NET framework from 1.0 through 4.8. Also .NET 7 and .NET Core too.

Skater Obfuscator Today makes the prevention of pirate attempts to decipher your software, protection against such attempts and alteration of your software to ensure that it functionality degrades in a subtle way if the protection fails.
Since the first version, Microsoft has released nine more upgrades for .NET Framework, seven of which have been released along with a new version of Visual Studio. Two of these upgrades, .NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0, have upgraded Common Language Runtime (CLR). New versions of .NET Framework replace older versions when the CLR version is the same. Skater Today protects any assemblies compiled by any known .NET framework.

Main features of Skater .NET Obfuscator Today to handle common .NET obfuscation tasks:
Prohibits reverse engineering
Obfuscated application usually is not recompilable
Processes any .NET application, executable or assembly
Encrypts string constants
Compatible with any .NET framework from 1.0 through 4.8. It supports latest .NET 7
Control flow obfuscation stops decompilers and deobfuscators
Scrambles class names, method names, field names etc.
Protects XAML (baml) files in WPF application
It works well on both (x86 and x64) platforms
Provides .NET Licensing features
Implements .NET Code Extension for small .NET applications protection
Implements assemblies linking; linkage unites .NET assemblies into a single dll or exe