Skater Today Encrypts strings

Skater obfuscator is protecting .NET assemblies (DLL and EXE) mainly from reversing and tampering.

Skater Obfuscator Today hides strings values that are present in .NET assemblies. A common attack technique is to locate critical code sections by looking for string references inside the binary.
If your application is time locked, it may display a message when the timeout expires. Attackers search for this message inside the disassembled or decompiled output, and chances are, when they find it, they will be very close to your sensitive time lock algorithm.
Someone looking to bypass your registration and verification process can search for the string where your program asks the user for a serial number. When they find the string, they locate instructions near it and alter the logic.

By encoding the strings in your application, string encryption makes both attacks less likely because the attackers' string lookup is empty.
Information presented in strings can help the hacker more than any source code. A simple search for the string in the code will show the exact place where it is used, which means that the required piece of code will be located and consequently it will be much easier for the hacker to understand the algorithm of your program. So string data encryption isn't just a side feature, it's an essential attribute of any high-quality obfuscator like Skater Today.
When parsing your class, Skater Today finds all of the data in the string and encodes it. In this state, it remains in permanent reserve in its class. Skater Today also adds a small piece of code that decodes the strings at runtime. As a result, after decompiling Skater Today's obfuscated class, the hacker is presented with a seemingly random collection of symbols instead of the string data.