protect dot NET applications from reverse engineering application

Published: 10 Sep 2023

Unauthorized access to source code can offer a quick back entrance into your systems, business processes and revenue streams.
With more than half of million developers with some level of access to .NET reengineering tools providing near instant access to source from any .NET binary, organizations across industries are entrusting on obfuscation to managing these risks. This is definitely a clear threat for software producers and thus to global economy. Global piracy rate has increased 40% over the past years and nearly $11 billion is lost. Over the years, several software protection techniques have been developed, code obfuscation is one of them and it is very promising.

In these days when hacking is prevalent, software protection is not an option. Nonetheless, NET obfuscator ensures that any attempt at reverse engineering is thwarted. If you do not take proactive measures, someone else might use your codes and come up with parallel software. The idea behind NET obfuscator technology is to make programs more secure. Software protection means a lot to any business. Only a few people belonging to the software owner's team are able to read the codes. Through obfuscation, you are able to protect software from unauthorized people. They may end up benefit unfairly from your hard work. As a programmer, the software you create is an intellectual property. You can imagine what would happen if someone gains unauthorized entry into your company's computer system. There is no telling what such unscrupulous people would do. Some would steal your data and share it with competitors. That way, no person can get into the product of your intellect easily. Besides, using encrypted software hastens the processing speed. You should always bear in mind that any person who is determined to crack your software will still do so. That would be a big blow to your operations.