Understanding the relationship between Symptoms and LabTests normal

Published: 3 Sep 2023

The regulation of the internal body temperature despite the changes in the outside atmosphere is particularly important in the warm blooded animals.
Presence of various harmful chemicals, poison and even drugs can be determined through the blood test. Differences in the quantities and proportions are determined. Blood tests are mainly used to determine physiological and biochemical states, such as disease, mineral content, drug effectiveness, and organ function. The difference in the proportion of various vital metabolites and constituents in the blood help in identifying the presence of various ailments of the body. Blood test is an important laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample. The analysis is usually performed by comparing the amount of various chemical entities present in the blood under test to the standard ratio of one or more chemical entities that are actually supposed to be present in the blood. This sample is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle or via a finger-prick. They also help in determining the presence of pathogens in the body. It also performs many regulatory functions like the regulation of body pH of the body and also the regulation of core body temperature. Other than this the blood being the only liquid majorly circulating in the body also performs the important hydraulic functions. It is therefore important that the reports of the blood test and the lab test results are properly understood by the patient so that he/she has a clear understanding of the ailment of the body.

Now if you have recently had your blood analyzed on the basis of recommendation from your doctor, then you will soon have a report in your hands. If you find any additional comments, these can be taken up with your doctor you will give you a clear idea of what they mean. Lab blood test analysis is a singular and definitive way in which to get answers to several medically related questions. This report is generally easy enough to read with the maximum and minimum ranges clearly being defined. Not only are such tests used in the medical field, but they are also used in forensics, insurance claims and several other area, where blood analysis is needed.