Laboratory Reference Ranges in Healthy Adults software

Published: 13 Aug 2023

These include:
Certain foods and drinks
Vigorous exercise
Variations in lab procedures
Having an illness
If you have any questions about your lab tests or what your results mean, talk to your health care provider.
A false positive result means your test shows you have a disease or condition, but you don't actually have it.
A false negative result means your test shows you don't have a disease or condition, but you actually do.
These incorrect results don't happen often, but they are more likely to happen with certain of types tests, or if testing was not done right. Even though false negatives and positives are uncommon, your provider may need to do multiple tests to make sure your diagnosis is correct.
What factors can affect my results?
There are many factors that can affect the accuracy of your test results.

By using the interface you will be able to update name of measurement units and the parameter's reference range. Also reference intervals may vary from area to area. Test's reference ranges may differ from lab to lab due to equipment and methodology differences. It is similar to the way, for instance, your physician chooses to record your weight during an examination. Click on the button and 'Reference Ranges' interface will popup. Open your test by clicking 'Edit Test' button. On the right hand of the parameter you can find a small button. In Medical Tests Analyzer interface you can adjust measurement units naming and reference interval (range) as well. In this same way, labs may choose to use different units of measurement for your test results. Regardless of the units that the lab uses, your results will be interpreted in relation to the reference ranges supplied by the laboratory. Select a parameter on your test you want to update, for example 'Rheumatoid factor'. He can decide to note your weight in pounds or in kilograms. The units of measurement that labs use to report your results can vary from lab to lab. Frequently, what is considered a normal result range in your area is not totally the same somewhere else.