Best Medical AI online web-app with API interface test

Published: 30 Sep 2023

By testing the DDxHub Diagnosis System you can see how global companies, as well as startups, have used it to enhance their business and support surrounding their patients and healthcare organizations.

When you transmit to our web service a basic patient health data (such as Blood test results and symptoms), our AI inference engine will analyze the data and provide you with a list of the most likely health conditions. SmrtX provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for patient preliminary medical diagnosis that can help you implement an intelligent symptom checker and Lab Test analyzer for your healthcare medical application.When you incorporate Diagnosis API within your healthcare web-application it will have the same functionalities like presented in DDxHub Diagnosis System ( We get this according to the complex statistical algorithms we use to make medical diagnosis.
Learn Diagnosis API: This is an alive example of implementation.

All responses (including error messages) use the JSON format. The lists cannot be empty, so first you need to collect an initial information to run diagnosis.For your Demo Development you can use AuthenticationID = DEMO_AuthenticationID. POST requests also take JSON inputs (make sure you include the header Content-Type: application/json).
The Diagnosis API uses custom HTTP header to authenticate your requests. Setup
The current version of the Diagnosis API is available at It is a standard web service (Web API) that accepts GET and POST requests. Apart from laboratory test results, it requires a list of observed symptoms. We will provide you with your unique AuthenticationID value after you made a production order registration.
First request
The most important part of the API, which handles medical diagnostics, is the /api/DDxItems/ endpoint, which accepts POST requests. You will need to add AuthenticationID header to every request you make.